At CrossFit Embark, we understand both high-level athletic performance and physical limitations. We’ve trained competitive weightlifters and weekend warriors, firefighters and grandparents, athletes and moms, those already fit and those with significant obstacles or weight loss goals. We have resources to help you post injury, as well.  We program for and train your body for results. We train movement – movement that lets people enjoy whatever it is they’re doing, whether it’s high-level sports, chasing around your kids or cleaning out the garage. Those are all about lifting, twisting, pushing, and the full range of human movement. We train people to move their bodies effectively, powerfully, athletically, pain-free. And then, movement is fun.




Are you tired of wasting your time and money on the same things that do not get you the results that you want and feeling like you are on your own? At CrossFit Embark, you won’t be on your own, winging it, like at typical gyms. All you need to do is show up. You’ll get individualized attention from a professional instructor, whether you sign up for one-on-one coaching or our hour-long classes. You will have a community by your side encouraging you and inspiring you.


There is no denying that CrossFit-style workouts are hard. We’ll teach you how to do them, and do them safely. We make it fun, too. Each workout is different, so you’ll never get bored doing the same old routine. And it’s tailored to your skill level, no matter how fit you are. We offer the very best in coaching and programming. Quality is the top priority at Embark.




We focus on whole-body exercises that deliver results. We use kettle bells and pull-up bars, jump ropes and barbells, rowing and sprinting and squatting. Don’t know a barbell from a dumbbell? We’ll teach you. Already have experience? We’ll teach you a lot, too. Either way, we’ll challenge you. Whether you are looking to compete in CrossFit, attain a faster 5k time or look great in your swim suit, we are going to see that you have all the tools needed to reach YOUR goals!




CrossFit Classes- Boot Camp- One on One Training- Competition Team Training-On Ramp Foundations- Barbell Club-Yoga-Nutrition-Physical Therapy Services-Quality Programming- Excellent Coaches- Supportive Community- Top Notch Facility- Extensive Equipment




When you join CrossFit Embark, you instantly become a member of a family. This group will want you to show up, to encourage you, to be encouraged by you and be involved your progress. This community truly is second to none. They are the most caring and positive group of individuals you will ever meet. We have regular social events at the box and at local establishments, a women's group named "WODS" ( Women Out Doing Surprises) , pool parties, pancake breakfasts, run club, and many other group outings. If you are looking for a lot of new friends or a networking opportunity- you've come to the right place.


Our massive facilities offer:


-Heat and air conditioned spaces


-Young adult waiting room


-Coaches lounge and meeting room


-Office space for physical therapy, nutrition, and health coaching services


-Men and women's changing rooms with lockers


-Additional area for warm up, cool down and independent mobility opportunity


WOD with:


-Rogue olympic bars- lady bella bars


-16 Olympic lifting stations


-16 Squat racks


-Over 6000lbs in bumper plates


-Full Length Rogue Infinity Rig




Air dynes, ghds, concept 2 rowers, sleds, yolks, jerk boxes, slam balls,  paralettes , wall balls, ab mats, kettle bells, sand bags, plyo boxes, muscle up bars, yoga mats, jump ropes, shrimp trawlers with competition rings, climbing ropes, foam rollers, mobility tools, resistance bands, matadors, dumb bells, bench stations, burden logs, huge out door space, running routes from 200 meters- 5 miles.



Posted by CrossFit Embark on Monday, November 2, 2015