Barbell Club- Sunday 9-11, Monday- Thursday 5:30-7:00 pm


Who We Are:

We are Embark Barbell Club. We are not big. We are not fancy. We are not bright and shiny.  We are not imitators. We are original. We do things our way. We are a family of people with a love for the barbell. We are lifters of all different ages, levels and abilities, we are athletes held together by the bond of that barbell. We train, not just because we love to, or want to, or have to, but because we need to. Our club is unique,our club is a family and there is no other like it.


Why Should I Join?:

Our members join for various reasons. If you are an athlete looking to improve your form, have an interest in the growing sport of weightlifting, or just have a love for the barbell this is YOUR club!





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