Head Coach Jim Barone aka "Baller"


CrossFit L1 Coach,

CrossFit Affiliate Owner

CrossFit Defense Certified,

CrossFit Competition Certified

Attended Donny Shankle Level 1 Olympic Lifting Seminar.


I started doing CrossFit when my son picked me up by my boxers and swung me around like a rag doll.


30 things you don't know about me:


1. Favorite Cheat meal~ Chicken Finger sub with mayo and blue cheese from Rockos Tacos

2. Favorite CrossFit Benchmark~ none

3. CrossFit Favorite ~ body weight movements/gymnastics

4.  I was offered the opportunity to attend Buffalo State College and skip 7-12 th grades after the 6 th grade.

5.  I take 2-3 bubble baths per day.

6.  As a kid, I was often in school plays and sang in musicals.

7.  I was an altar Boy at church.

8.  I managed my Grandparents grocery store at the age of 10 and had a staff of 5. My Grandfather was the most instrumental man in my life. He taught me everything I know.

9.  I started my first business when I was 14 years old, on top of 3 paper routes and washing dishes at an Italian Restaurant. I worked 60 plus hours a week and went to school.


10.  I have a mental allergy to eggs. Im not really allergic to them but tell myself that I am.

11.  I'm obsessed with sports cars. Mainly Italian Ones.

12.  I once went to a farmer’s auction to buy equipment for my company and brought my wife home a surprise rooster and rabbit. Landlord did not approve, nor did my wife. Got caught up in the excitement and action!

13.  I once brought my 9 year old son to an equipment auction and while I was in the restroom, he bought a fire truck with my number. I am no longer allowed to go to auctions unsupervised.

14.  I was on an episode of Lizard Lick towing.

15.  Goals and Aspirations~ I'd like to Coach the Embark Competition Team at the CrossFit games.

16.  Favorite thing about being part of CrossFit Embark~ watching lives change before my eyes. I love seeing how many people have profile pictures doing something special at CrossFit Embark.

17.  I CrossFit to be the best example to my 3 children I can be. I love that I am in better shape than my 21 year old son CJ : ) My middle son Justin (20) who has special needs loves coming to Embark to ride the Airdyne and jump with his favorite Coach John Jarman and I get the privilege to Wod with my 17 year old daughter daily. She is crushing everything and it makes me smile.

18.  I run my businesses like an NFL Team Owner I surround myself with the best.

19.  Coach Stewart Peters taught me more than I will ever give him credit for.

20.  Coach John Jarman is my Hero, I have been with him from day 1 of his CrossFit Journey and I couldn't be prouder.

21.  Coach" Juice Box" Nealey was my first Bromance and continues to make me a better coach every day.

22.  Coach "Nemo" is a wealth of knowledge I lean on daily to talk form, programming, or whatever else I may need help with. Keith has become a good friend and I respect him tremendously.

23.  Coach "Crush" (Jason) has become a very important asset to Crossfit Embark. His Coaching and his CrossFit Abilities are getting more impressive every day.

24.  Coach Whitney never stops learning, never stops improving to be the best coach and athlete she can be. Her work ethic is amazing. When she wraps her mind around something- consider it done! The Minivan O'clock class is lucky to have Coach Whitney around.

25.  Coach Dianne is destined to be the greatest coach of all. She has that rare quality of honestly caring about everyone. She will be your friend, push you outside of the comfort zone, and make you forget how hard todays task is. I can't wait to witness the among success stories from Coach CB at the 11:45 crew.

26. . Coach Cathy is the best Yoga Coach out there. She is always willing to go above and beyond to help anyone. Although she is a terrible dresser, she is one fantastic Coach!

27.  Coach Autumn and Coach Daniel, although they are at different locations, still inspire me and help me to be the best I can be. I still lean on their expertise often and consider them instrumental to the continued success of Embark.

28. Coach Vegas has done the most amazing transformation we have seen. He walked in the door a globo gym meathead and has done the work to become one of the best friends we have at CrossFit Embark. Vegas has earned the respect of all of his peers and will be an incredible addition at the 7:30 pm class.

29.  The Embark Mafia is the best group of people you can ask for, I couldn't love a group of people more than this group. You all remind me daily of why I did this in the first place. None of this would be possible without all of you.

30.  My Coach in Life Mary Jane Barone, thank you for always teaching me to be the best person I can be. Thanks for always supporting these whacky ideas I come up with like opening a CrossFit box. I would be nothing, drunk and probably sitting in a jail cell if I didn't have your support. I know I don't express this enough but I am appreciative and I love you very much.




John Jarman aka "Big John"


CrossFit L1 Coach, Gym Manager

CrossFit Kids

NJCAA Football 2005-2006 (Louisburg, Hurricanes)


I got started with Crossfit because I was out of shape and missed the competitive drive that I lost after playing College football.


30 things you don't know about me:


1. Favorite Cheat Meal – Mexican Food, Tacos A La Diablo

2. Favorite Bench Mark WOD – Amanda

3. Favorite CrossFit Movement – Snatch

4. Favorite Aspect – Being a Coach

5. Favorite CrossFit Athlete – Lucas Parker

6. I love Crossfit Embark because we have an awesome community.

7. I also work for Jim outside of Embark, I cut grass and pick up trash for his company BEI

8. I have 3 different College Degrees.

9. Never have bad days because everyday I go home to an Awesome Wife and all her crazy cats.

10. I have two old dogs Tex (9 year old Black Lab) and Rock (12 year old Walker Coonhound)

11. As teenager I went coon hunting almost ever night. At one time I owned 6 Walker Coonhounds

12. I do most of the cooking at my house

13. Hit my first Little League Homerun at 8 years old

14. In High School I hit a 365 lb hang clean

15. I have a Identical Twin Brother



16. I love the Carolina Panthers

17. I sang in the church children's choir as a kid

18. I worked on a pig farm as a teenager

19. I have been sprayed by a skunk

20. My Mom is my hero. She is a two time breast cancer surviver

21. My favorite desert is Mary Jane Barones cupcakes, don't care what flavor they are

22. My favorite movie is Forest Gump

23. I like power cleaning Jim Barone's bar when he gets bucked on a back squat

24. I hate when people change their baby right in front of me

25. I enjoy listing to Rap music during WODs

26. Olympic Lifting is my favorite thing to coach at Embark. Come see me at our Bar Bell club. We do big things!

27. I think the hardest thing about Crossfit is just getting through the door. Once you come in a let us help you establish a routine, your hooked.

28. I my goal is to help maintain a professional atmosphere for our athletes at Embark.

29. I think we have the best ownership at Embark. We are provided with virtually unlimited resources to take a scientific approach to our Crossfit programming

30. I take my training serious because I want to be the best influence I can be for our athletes her at Embark.

-Ron Maddux aka "Vegas"


-CrossFit Level 1Coach (2013)


-Biochemistry BS NC State 2002 with focus on human genetics.


I was the typical "globo-gym" rat for 10 years. In 2012 I discovered CrossFit Embark and I have never looked back. I love that CrossFit can humble you, build you, save you and better you. The intensity you get especially in a competition is amazing and unlike any other fitness routine. You will quickly become addicted to the adrenaline. My goal with CrossFit is to be better, faster, and stronger. My goals are to get better at the Olympic lifts and muscle-ups and chase down my white whales of butterfly pull-ups and pistol squats.




30 things you don't know about me:


1. I went to high school in Las Vegas, NV.

2. I live about 800 meters from the box.

3. I used to be a human geneticist.

4. I learned to skydive at 16.

5. I used to ride/own a motorcycle.

6. I once weighed over 250lbs.

7. I'm half Korean.



8. I love coffee.

9. I am a rapid acetylator of caffeine (see # 8).

10. I have zero tattoos.

11. I have extra nipples.

12. I have a fascination of watches and timepieces.

13. I love science.

14. I love technology.

15. I love going to movies.

16. I enjoy dinner with friends.

17. I've never had surgery.

18. My first pet was a turtle, who I named Donatello.

19. I have lived in 9 states.

20. My cheat meal is usually Asian cuisine with rice and ends with frozen yogurt.

21. I once ate $63 of gummy candy in one sitting, don't do it.

22. I'm a clean freak, think OCD.

23. I chew a lot of gum.

24. I enjoy pedicures.

25. My favorite restaurant meal was a double bone in pork chop at Gram & Dunn in KC.

26. I have had an hour flying lesson in a Bell helicopter.

27. I enjoy flossing my teeth.

28. I sell blood from horseshoe crabs

29. I have eaten 78 individual pieces of sushi in a single 'meal'

30. My favorite WOD is Linda.

Jason Jernigan aka Jerney aka "Crush"


CrossFit Level 1 Coach

Staff Sergeant in the NC National Guard

Bachelor’s Degree Criminology – University North Carolina at Wilmington


I was born and raised in Bladenboro, NC. I have been in the military for over 12 years and since that time most of my physical activity besides playing sports was limited to push ups, sit ups, and a 2 mile run. I discovered the wonderful world of CrossFit in 2011 in Kuwait, during my third deployment and instantly fell in love. I spent a year shadowing different coaches; asking questions, taking notes, understanding movements, and once I returned home I immediately attended my Level 1 Cert.


Growing up I played every sport imaginable to include Track and Field and Cross Country. Besides CrossFit, baseball has always been my passion. My future plans are to attend the CrossFit Football Course, as well as the Coaches Prep Course. I love coaching because knowing that I help somebody achieve goals they never thought they could reach is absolutely amazing and the best feeling in the world. I love judging competitions because c’mon, who doesn’t want to “no rep” somebody? I love competing for the simple joy of it and just seeing how I stack up against other competitors from around different areas. I do it to evaluate myself on a personal level than to try to win.

Favorite Cheat Meal – Cheesecake


Favorite Bench Mark WOD – Annie


Favorite CrossFit Movement – Double Unders


Favorite Aspect – The Community


Favorite CrossFit Athlete – Rich Froning Jr. (He IS the only one)


Why I love CrossFit Embark?


The athletes and their determination to accomplish their goals are inspiring, as well as how much we care for each other. Embark is as close as a community as I have ever seen, and in my opinion, we are more of a family than a community. You can especially notice this at competitions. If there are any of our athletes competing at a competition, even if it is just one, the majority, if not all, of the Embark members will turn out to support them. Our reputation exceeds us as having the largest turn outs at local competitions. That dedication and support is what CrossFit is all about.


Nutrition Plan/Food Philosophy:


Robb Wolf’s Paleo Diet. I have clarify which type of Paleo Diet I follow because in today’s world it seems everyone is coming out with their own version. Besides Dr. Loren Cordain (the credited founder of the Paleo Diet), Robb (who was a student of Dr. Cordain) is a genius. I would highly recommend reading his book “The Paleo Solution.” The book is not dull, dry, and boring. Robb takes an entertaining approach to explaining the different aspects of the Paleo Diet. He shows you how to properly eat Paleo and it be enjoyable. I am walking proof that you can enjoy eating Paleo, lose weight, stay healthy, and still have energy.


30 things you don't know about me:


1. My most hated CF movement is…..Snatch.

2. I secretly don’t mind Burpees. Sssshhhhh!!!!

3. I love Starbucks’ Iced Coffee

4. I still watch WWE wrestling and TNA wrestling.

5. I use to play semi-pro paintball

6. I own two English Bulldogs (Colossus and Maggie)

7. I was given the nickname Van Wilder while in college because from multiple deployments with the military it took me eight years to graduate.

8. I love the hot weather and despise the cold weather.

9. My hero is my late grandfather.

10. Favorite Music is Rock.

11. I’m friends with the band “Five Finger Death Punch”, their tour manager, guitar tech, and production/sound manager.

12. HUGE man-crush on Rich Froning Jr., hahahaha….. no seriously.

13. I am madly in love with Julie Foucher.

14. Edward Norton is my favorite actor.

15. I enjoy making people laugh and brightening their day.

16. I’m a Mama and grandma’s boy and proud of it.

17. I actually like playing golf, even though I am horrible. I also enjoy bowling.

18. I have no favorite NFL team, there are just teams I dislike.

19. My favorite sports teams however, are, The New York Yankees, Duke Men’s Basketball, University of South Carolina Football.

20. I think American Soccer is horrible, but I love European Soccer

21. CHUCK NORRIS……..enough said.

22. My favorite country I have visited is Germany.

23. I love horror movies. Michael Myers, Jason, Freddy, and Leatherface are the KINGS.

24. Scared to death of rollercoasters.

25. Even though it doesn’t seem like it, I am actually a really shy person when it comes to meeting new people.

26. I have really bad road rage. (Hey, not my problem everyone else on the road is an idiot, hahaha)

27. I really enjoy getting tattoos and plan to add even more than the ones I already have.

28. I have read all of the Harry Potter books.

29. I do not like going to any type of events unless I have amazing seats. If the seats are not great I won’t go.

30. My mother is a Breast Cancer Survivor!!!

Cathy Lambeth



Current Training ; Yoga 200 YTT


Previous Trainings and Certifications

Yoga Warriors

Yoga Fit

Yoga Tour

Peak Pilates System I

Power Pilates



Nationally Certified Occupational Therapist



Graduate of Wayne State University, Detroit , MI with a B.S. in Occupational Therapy.

Post Back Graduate Work in Italian Language & Photography from U.G.A. in Cortona, Italy.

Graduate of A.S.U. Boone, NC with a B.S. in Communication Arts.

I have been in the fitness industry teaching group fitness for 25 years.  I live in Apex with my husband and two children.  I am originally from Winston- Salem, NC.


Favorite component of CrossFit, supportive coaches and members.

CrossFit benchmark, getting through wall walks without collapsing.

Why I love being a part of CrossFit.  Because it is a non-judgmental success driven environment.  Everyone is supportive of each other.

30 things you don't know about me:


1. Lived in Europe out of a backpack for 1 year.

2. I completed Outward Bound in Colorado.

3. I worked as a Goat Farmer in France.

4. I can drive a tracker with a 14 foot trailer on the back.

5. I was a Debutante for the state of N.C.

6. My favorite food is spaghetti and meatballs.

7. Favorite cake is carrot cake.

8. My children are named after a region of Italy.

9. I met my husband in Italy.

10. Favorite quotes, “Just think of all those women on the Titanic who said, 'No thank you" to dessert that night. And for what?!” and " Well behaved women rarely make history."

11. I was a Page for The North Carolina House of Representatives.

12. I love roses.

13. Favorite movie, "The Deer Hunter".

14. Favorite Actor, Robert De Niro.

15. Favorite Actress, Charlize Theron.

16. I watch the same movies over and over again.

17. Person I admire, Christiane Amanpour.

18. Dream Profession, Forensic Pathologist.

19. 2nd Dream Profession, Foreign Correspondent for CNN.

20. I used to be a Photographer in Atlanta, GA.

21. I have no navigational sense.

22. I have driven through the carwash with my sunroof open ( only once ).

23. Favorite country to visit is Turkey.

24. I have been to 13 different countries.

25. I love to travel.

26. Next trip is to Argentina.

27. My brother lives in Israel.

28. I want to jump out of an airplane.

29. I played soccer and ran cross country in Junior High School.

30. I was a Dancing Boot for R.J.Reynolds High School in W-S, N