The CrossFit Embark Competition Team is for athletes looking to compete at an RX level with the goal of developing a team or individuals for the CrossFit Games Mid Atlantic Regionals and Games.  This group has separate programing that they follow that is more demanding and advanced than the traditional programming.


This Programming is not for the faint of Heart. It's hard and it's demanding; both physically and mentally.  Jim will challenge every fiber of your soul to maximize your results.  He uses a combination of many successful games team regiments, as well as the Outlaw Way training.  He has access to world champion lifters and regularly talks to high ranking games athletes to provide his team with the best programming available.  Rest days for recovery and mobility are also programmed into their regiment.


There are required levels of skill and commitment to be part of the competition team.  This is by invitation or try out only.  There is opportunity on Saturday mornings for the CFE members to throw down with the Competition team and do their WOD along with them.  This is a great opportunity for those working on skill development with aspirations to join the Comp Team and it pushes everyone to that next level.


Head coach Jim Barone has completed the upper level CrossFit Competitors Certification and is determined to provide this team with the tools that they need to archive success.  This team is provided with a team trailer for traveling to the competitions which ensures a home base on location for athletes during the business of CrossFit competitions.  The inside has both heat and air to provide a comfortable recovery space for the athletes between WODS.  Trailer is complete with mini kitchen and refrigerator (so that athletes can have recovery meals available) and full bathroom with shower.  They bring their own equipment so that they can have coach lead warm ups to prepare for their WODS.  Head Coach Jim Barone was recognized at the competitors certification for the quality of his programming as well as being ahead of the game with proving resources like the competition trailer for his athletes.  The games athletes indicated this as a must. Please contact us if you would like more information on the CrossFit Embark Competition Team.


Do you have what it takes???