SCHEDULE Embark Mission Statement

CrossFit Embark offers a unique blend of resources and experience to its community.

Affiliate Owner and Entrepreneur Jim Barone has 23 years of successful small business experience. Jim has started and grown 7 businesses and counting.  The philosophy of the mother ship corporation (Barone Enterprise Inc.)  is "Quality is never a compromise at Barone Enterprise" and this philosophy carries through to all of his endeavors. Jim sets the bar high and makes it his mission to not meet, but exceed expectations. "I'd rather explain my prices than apologize for my quality" is his mantra.  For him, CrossFit went from a new hobby to a burning passion very quickly.  CrossFit Embark started out as a few friends just wodding together with Level 1 Coach Jim in his home garage and this small group rapidly grew to become the size of a full class.


When the idea of launching an official box took root, many that knew Jim and his work ethic started reaching out wanting to be a part of this.  The chemistry and the way these people and this community came together and organically began is like nothing I've ever witnessed before.  It has been a freight train of positive momentum.  The love that Jim feels for the community and sport is undeniable. He takes the responsibility of providing the highest quality service and instruction of movements very seriously.  CrossFit is intense and he spends a great deal of time researching, studying, analyzing and obtaining new certifications for superior ways to teach, coach and grow his community.  He wants everyone to have the best possible results and benefits but knows that comes from providing the best for them.  He has spared no expense in moving into a top notch new facility, loading it with the best equipment rogue has to offer,  implementing a very comprehensive foundations program for new members, setting  high standards and expectations of the coaches and the coaches in turn; of the athletes.  "You're only as good as your help and the people you surround yourself with", Jim often says. Quality starts with the coaching and Team Embark is extraordinary.  Jim always tells the coaches the difference between ordinary and extra ordinary is a little extra!  These coaches have a wide range of talents and abilities and they have a genuine love for their classes. They demonstrate strong leadership, teaching skills, dedication, and enthusiasm.  They take great pride in the accomplishments of this group while making it a ton of fun for them.  There is no shortage of camaraderie and group social events at CFE.  It is a family and there is a place for all.  The strong sense of community may be our biggest asset and truly what sets us apart.


Programming is a collaborative effort, utilizing the resources of veteran coaches with many years CrossFit coaching experience,  strong personal training, sports and strength and conditioning backgrounds. We strive for balance in programming. There is great importance in developing each aspect of CrossFit movements so that athletes safely develop skills and technique, make solid gains in strength, range of motion, mobility and increased cardiovascular capacities without injury.  This has been the single most important goal of CrossFit Embark.  The coaches meet regularly to assess where the athletes are, how the group is responding to programming, and the direction that the next round of programming will be headed in.  We offer yoga that is designed specifically for muscle recovery and increasing athletes mobility, core strength and range of motion.  We collaborate with Dr. Stew Peters to provide Chiropractic Care and Nutritional Services to CrossFit Embark members.  Barbell Club offers the next level of training in technique and strength development  in Olympic Weight Lifting.   Supplemental skills clinics are intermittently offered for kipping, jump rope skills, Olympic weight lifting, running, nutrition, scaling and goal setting.  Group nutrition challenges and support are also offered. The results that are being seen in a very short period of time have  been astounding.


Perhaps the most impressive factor has been our growth.  With little more than "word of mouth",  we reached 80 members before just two months of opening.  At the 6 month mark, we began busting at the seems and needed to lease an additional space across from us that we came to know as the annex.  As our competition team also grew, we moved them into the annex and then had to start looking for a bigger home.  In less than a years time, we moved onto an 11,000 plus square foot facility that will include an outdoor obstacle course as well as access to a football field and park.  This new home allows us to comfortably grow this community as large as we'd like to and help as many people as we can to reach their health and fitness goals.  CrossFit is for everyone and is programmed knowing that each member has  their own individual goals and baseline of abilities walking in the door. We program for the highest level and scale or modify movements accordingly for the rest.  Whether you have aspirations to CrossFit at a competitive level, get stronger,  want to improve your overall health, run a faster 5k, try out a mud run, achieve fat loss or fit into a smaller size; CrossFit can be the tool to help you reach YOUR goals. If its time to get after those goals, look no further.  Your journey starts here.